We now live in a digital world that’s powered by software.  Developers that can design-and-build web or mobile apps quickly are in high demand.  But, becoming proficient with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, C#, Python or Swift and the ever-growing number of frameworks and APIs is a formidable challenge.  Our team is offering you a BETTER WAY.

How to Learn Coding Fast — Without the Time Wasting Traps and Frustrations

Old-school programming languages, tools and teaching methods take months — even years — to master. Use the most-loved, most productive (simple-yet-powerful) programming language on the planet. Take our Fast Coder on-line training.

We Live In A Digital World — Powered by Software

We now live in a digital world that’s driven by software.  Finances, entertainment, healthcare, our jobs and every facet of our lives now depend on software. All companies are digital product businesses when software is responsible for a portion of the value customers receive.

Each of us, personally and professionally, can embrace today’s digital world, or not.

  • Stakes are high
  • Embrace the change

Traditional Tools — Cost Time, Money, Quality and Sanity

Many people aren’t aware, authoritative software engineers and code gurus say JavaScript is the worst programming language, hands down. Yet JavaScript or JS runs in every laptop, tablet, smartphone and web browser. Smart app developers don’t code in JS, but use it to deliver end-user apps.

To avoid coding in JavaScript, Google created the Google Web Toolkit (“GWT”) and Microsoft created TypeScript. Google’s GWT enables programmers to code in Java and auto-generate JavaScript code. Microsoft’s TypeScript is a tool that also outputs JS code. You don’t have to code in JavaScript to build apps that run everywhere.

GWT and Typescript help programmers to reduce frustrating JS debugging, unpredictable development and delivery times or failure. Don’t get me started on the mish-mash of frameworks, thousands of APIs and compatibility issues to overcome… Other languages, such as C# and Swift are designed better than JS, but you’ll need to write custom code for different devices — doubling and tripling effort, time and costs.

It’s no wonder two-thirds of software development projects either fail to be completed, run over-time, over budget or don’t meet user’s expectations. Novices and seasoned professional coders should take time to select the best tools. There is a BETTER WAY.

  • Avoid JavaScript coding
  • Get the right tool for the job

Life Of A Code Hero

Leave the traps, frustrations and slow progress to competitors. Envision being a developer that truly enjoys the craft of building amazing apps — because you have the best training and tools for the job.

You’ll want ONE easy-to-learn, powerful, great language — for coding client side behavior and user-interface layouts, for server-side development, for database access, and for interaction with external systems such as social media. Write the code once, deploy to Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android based devices.

No distractions. You should not have to leave the Integrated Development Environment or IDE — it should be an interactive, highly productive tool set — with everything you need to develop sophisticated apps.

“Everything should be as simple as it can be, but not simpler.” ~ Einstein

  • Joy of coding
  • IDE that's as simple and powerful as possible

Revolutionary New Arsenal for Coders

The Most Loved Language for App Developers — StackOverflow is the world’s largest and most trusted community of software developers. The StackOverflow 2017 Developer Survey had 64,000 developers respond.  Survey results showed — the Most Loved High-Level Language is Smalltalk.  High level languages are most optimal for application level projects.

Simple, Yet Powerful — With only 6 reserved key words in Smalltalk, versus 46 for JavaScript, 50 for Java, 82 for C++ and 102 for C# — by far, Smalltalk is the easiest to learn and master.

Most Productive — In the seminal 2013 paper published by Namecook Analytics, discussed are the use of function points for evaluating development productivity, quality, risks and economic value. Findings show the number of coding months to create a 1,000 function point program: Smalltalk: 21 months, Ruby: 46, C#: 51, Java, C++, Python and PHP: 53, and 71 months for JavaScript. This analysis rates Smalltalk productivity at 3.5x of JavaScript, and 2.5x of other popular languages. Smalltalk is the secret weapon of select developers.

MARVEL CODER’s Vision — A revolutionary new Integrated Development Environment (“IDE”) featuring Marvel Smalltalk. The IDE and client-side apps run as: Cloud apps in your web browser, Desktop apps on Windows, MacOS and Linux,  and server-side programs. IDEs are supported on Windows, Linux and MacOS.  Runtime app deployments include iOS and Android for mobile devices.

After much effort, our team is proud to launch MARVEL CODER*.

  • Marvel-ous
  • 2/3 less coding to build the same app

Master Coding — As a Martial Art

Fast Coder is your tutorial for getting up-to-speed with Marvel Smalltalk and Marvel Coder.

Learn the Most Productive, Most Loved Language — You only need to learn ONE language, Smalltalk. Traditional app development requires knowing multiple languages: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL, plus frameworks such as Angular… Marvel Smalltalk encapsulates what other languages do, so you have all the power, without the traps and frustrations.

Learn Quickly & Easily — Size matters. Smalltalk is powerful, expressive, yet simple — with only 6 keywords, instead of 46 to 102 keywords for others. Smalltalk is easy-to-learn by design.

Coding As A Martial Art — Learn secrets to coding mastery, without wasting your time and energy.

  • Size matters
  • Less is More

Get Early Access Now

Our vision is to make Marvel Coder the best Smalltalk resource for new world app developers. After much effort, the Marvel Coder Cloud IDE is available to complement our FastCoder Course. 

Be First To Get Access to All Future Enhancements — By getting our Early Access Edition of Marvel Coder and the FastCoder training.

Check out our Marvel Roadmap for info about forthcoming releases, such as our Mobile App Developer Kit and more.

  • Get Fast Coder training
  • Start coding quickly with Marvel Coder Cloud IDE

Early Access Purchase Options

Your purchase of the Fast Coder Course includes both (a) online course content, and (b) the Marvel Coder IDE.  Most programming courses only give you the content.  With the Fast Coder Course, you get all you need to start learning and coding. The only pre-requisites are an Internet connection and current Chrome web browser. You can use Chrome on Windows, MacOS and Linux.  (On some displays, you may need to scroll down to view your purchase options.)

NOVICE — FastCoder 1
Course & MarvelCoder Cloud IDE
  • 1 yr: to MarvelCoder Cloud IDE
    (optional: renew $7 per yr)
PRO — FastCoder 1 + 2
Course & Cloud + Desktop IDEs
  • LIFETIME Access to Online Courses & Desktop IDE
  • 2 yr: to MarvelCoder Cloud IDE
    (optional: renew $7 per yr)
  • DOWNLOAD — Desktop IDE
MOBI — FastCoder 1/2/3
Course & Cloud + Desktop IDEs
Most Popular
  • LIFETIME Access to Online Courses & Desktop IDE
  • 3 yr: to MarvelCoder Cloud IDE
    (optional: renew $7 per yr)
  • DOWNLOAD — Desktop IDE
  • MOBILE APPS Course + Features (Available by Jan.2021)

INTRO to Coding - 30 day access option

The 30 day INTRO to Coding course provides beginners with (a) Coding Mind Set lessons, (b) Coding syntax units, and (c) the MarvelCoder Cloud IDE. INTRO is a shortened edition of the NOVICE course for those wanting to get a quick and easy, real-world introduction to coding concepts and actual coding.

* Marvel Smalltalk is based on Pharo Smalltalk — a courseware layer to accelerate your learning path. For custom course content, code modules, applications or special licenses, please contact us here.

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