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Getting up-to-speed with JavaScript and graphic coding technologies is daunting. We've invented a BETTER WAY. For novices, Marvel Coder empowers you to learn quickly and easily. And, professional programmers get 3x productivity to ship apps in a third of the time. Be a code hero!

How to Learn Coding Fast — Without the Time Wasting Traps and Frustrations

Old-school programming tools and teaching methods take months — even years — to master, before you can build quality,  sophisticated web apps, desktop programs, games or mobile apps for iPhone and Android smartphones.


Marvel Coder is a revolutionary new software development technology that’s easy-to-learn for beginners, a snap to pick-up for casual coders and highly productive for professional software engineers.


Marvel Coder — LIVE Coding!

An exciting new paradigm for software developers — to build apps for today’s computing devices — in record time.


Fast Coder — Learn Quickly

Fast Coder leverages Live Coding to provide the best accelerated course for programming fundamentals. Get up-to-speed with the basics, then advance your skills with AppBuilder Bootcamp.

Marvel AppBuilder Bootcamp

Early access to MarvelCODER, FastCODER and AppBuilder Bootcamp courses is available to a limited number of participants.  Portions of our full product suite are in development or Alpha or Beta Testing phases — so we are offering Early Access Pricing at this time.

Fast Coder Core

Fast Coder Core provides an online course, plus the Marvel Coder Cloud IDE.  The Integrated Development Environment or "IDE" is a live coding environment enabling you to enter code and execute it — enabling your to practice what you learn.

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Game Coder 101

Games are, in simple terms, models of play environments.  Rules, behaviors, visualizations and interactions are modeled in software.  Start simple. Progress to higher levels. Marvel Coder provides a 2D game building course.

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Database Coder

Real-world apps need to remember info. Marvel simplifies and accelerates your app's ability to save and recall data — without learning another language.  Learn to use Marvel Coder's built-in database features to save time in adding data persistence to your programs.

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Web Apps

With Marvel Coder — apps in a web browser are built using only one powerful, yet simple language. Other systems force you to become proficient with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, SQL and frameworks with thousands of APIs. Get up-to-speed building web apps quickly with Marvel Coder.

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Desktop Apps

Your learning path with Marvel Coder stacks your skills to increment your possibilities. After developing database and web app code, learn to deploy desktop apps on NodeJS and .NET Core. Delivery your apps to run on Windows, MacOS and Linux. High performance server-side capabilities are introduced.

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Mobile Apps

Sophisticated mobile apps have a front-end, that runs on the smartphone or tablet — plus, a back-end that runs on a server to manage aspects of the front-end.  Marvel Coder courses and tools leverage a single powerful language and built-in database to code apps for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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